Make Money Online 13 – Patience Is A Virtue – Part 2

Patience Is A Virtue – Part 2

Bitcoin Needs Patience, It Seems

ilianas-casa-houseownbtcsymbolnewcolour-100x100There is another slow-down coming down the road, it seems. There is supposed to be another hard fork on the BTC system in this coming November. Are you ready?

ilianas-casa-hard-fork-1775806-960-720-230x600What we expect to see from this hard fork is roughly equal to what we saw last time (prior to and after 1 August). Lots of uncertainty in the BTC price in the run-up to the fork date, and then relief that “nothing happened” afterwards. The only problem with this is that the wait during the run-up will be knocking holes in the appreciation of the BTC during the entire month of October. Well, that’s a little exaggerated – it will be causing a lot of stagnation in the BTC-USD exchange rate, whereas we had all hoped for at least some some increase.

What’s the “Patience” about? Well, last time, the rate lost about 20% ($500) for the 6 weeks before the potential hard fork and then gained about 125% ($2400) in the following peak run. Patience pays! In this case about 5:1 . Those people who sold out before the hard fork lost a lot of potential profits!

What I’m wondering is if this is going to continue with a proposed hard fork every 2-4 months for the next few years? That could cause more damage than any of us had bargained for, including the miners. Is there a way to stop this nonsense? Please reply using the comment form below the post. We would like to hear what you think.

Make Money Online 12 – Patience Is A Virtue!

Patience Is A Virtue

Part 1 – Patience With Bitcoin

ilianas-casa-icon-houseownbtcsymbol-100x100Well, the BTC-USD exchange rate has been more negative than positive the past two weeks or so. So why is patience a virtue here? Well, that’s easy to answer. The lower the price is, the more BTC you buy for the same USD input. That’s simple, isn’t it? And that means that when the rate goes back up – and it will – you will have more BTC than if you just sat on it for two weeks or more.

One question about the exchange rate – why is it down? My guess is that the hurricane in Florida is mostly responsible for that. People who own property there have been converting their BTC to USD to be able to get out of Florida for their personal safety, and also to be sure that they have USD to buy supplies with to weather out the storm (sorry about the pun!).

On the other hand, patience is worth while here – the present price is still above the $4000 level we were excited about just three weeks ago (mid-August). Patience, my dear, really is a virtue! Also, if you want to get excited, think about how your holdings at Bitcoin Fortune Builder are growing.

Part 2 – Patience With Grand RevShare

That’s about all we can do now with the Grand RevShare investment – wait it out until it converts at the conversion price. Once that happens, we can use the funds from GRS to repay the loan we got to invest in Bitcoin. At the present rate (and it has slowed down some also), it looks like that could be the end of the year. Blah! I have to say that I don’t see much reason to put money back into GRS when we can finally cash out: it has a low return and it is S L O W !!